Alphatech Point of Sale

Alphatech POS is a Point of Sale (POS) and retail management system (RMS) for small to mid-size retailers. It is the right choice for different retail segments.

We provide a complete range of services from provision of hardware, to installation and after sale support. Our development team continuously adds features in the software to cater to the evolving retail needs; and the team is backed by an efficient customer support department to create a seamless after sale support experience.



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Alphatech POS for Footwear

Manage assortments, replenish cut-sizes and avoid stock-out cost.





Alphatech POS for Apparel

Manage assortments and shuffling of designs between various outlets.




Alphatech POS for Pharmacies

Keep track of expiry dates of medicines. Monitor sale of narcotics, special drugs, and manage sales in both packs and units.


Alphatech POS for Grocery / Convenience Stores

Manage time based promotions and discounts campaigns. Sell and purchase items in bundles, and use automation and forecasting features for timely procurement of the required products.

Alphatech POS for Restaurants

Configure multiple halls, tables and kitchens. print customer orders directly on the kitchen printers, use TABLETS to take customer orders.


Alphatech POS for Books & Stationery

Sell books by a large number of different publishers and authors. Set customer specific prices for bulk buyers

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